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    A Fresh Start


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    A Fresh Start

    Post by Plnt8 on Sun Nov 09, 2008 10:56 pm


    Wall Of Text: You Have Beeen Warned.

    Ok this might be a big deal to most of you. If you leave us after this I honestly don't care, it shows you are not committed to the forum, and you are a big leecher.

    I have reset the forum.

    Heres why....

    There have been ALOT of crappy posts, topics and other things being posted here. No, I'm not naming names because it was all of us, including myself and the staff. We have made a few mistakes, and this will prove who is loyal to us. This will show who cares for the community.

    The forums, categories etc will stay that same. Although there will be no:

    - Accounts (Meaning you will have to rejoin)
    - Topics
    - Posts
    - Avatars, Signatures etc
    - Post counts will be reset (This means the title of the top poster is up for grabs)
    - Staff members will be rest.

    Although with this new start, I will be handing out VIP ranks to the people I feel are committed to the Gaming Action Community.

    You may have also noticed, that it is no longer phpBB, this in my opionion is good, this new forum version is much more stable and clean, it is also much better for things like HTML etc.

    The Staff will be nerfed as well, only myself, MSJay, GameFreakian and KhaosKnight will stay as staff members, making it so you have to reapply.

    I hope you guys don't leave, but go if you want, see if I care, see if the people that stay here care. All I can say to you guys is Goodbye, and I hoped you enjoyed your pointless time at Gaming Action enjoyable.

    I do understand that posting and topic making will probably seize and stop, but o-well, its not my forum (well technically it is) but I made this for you guys. So you guys can come and hang out with fellow gamers. So you guys and be with the people most like yourselves.

    Well I guess I'll see you guys signed up here on the new forum.

    If you guys want you can go back to the old forum to copy threads, avatars, signatures, or for whatever reason etc at

    ALTHOUGH that website will only be open for 1 week then I'm closing it down and the old Gaming Action is gone.


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