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    Update: 15/12/08

    Post by Plnt8 on Sun Dec 14, 2008 7:25 pm

    Ok here is a small update. Myself and KhaosKnight had a meeting the other day to discuss a few things with the forum. We discussed what should be improved on, deleted, changed, added etc. After it, we did a maintenance on the forum and added a few things. You may have noticed some users with "custom ranks or titles". For example Snakehead has the title "The Ninja". There are many ways to get your own "Custom Title" and you will be awarded one when we see fit. Some guaranteed ways to get them are by donating, winning events, being a VIP Member, being helpful or refurring more than 8 people to join the forum. I saw a post in the Admin section and GameFreakian thought of a cool idea to give away one VIP Rank a month. I will be backing this up, and the rank will go to the most deserving person there will be 2 VIP accounts given away each month, one from me and one from GameFreakian, for more info visit the "Forum Information" section. I would like to thank those of you that have come back to the forum, you guys have proved me wrong about thinking this forum would not last. Keep up the good work.

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