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    Update: 21/12/08


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    Update: 21/12/08

    Post by Plnt8 on Sat Dec 20, 2008 7:46 pm

    Last update for the year. I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    Ok, Im going away wakeboarding etc for the holidays. So obviously I will not be on very much if not at all. If this happens I leave GameFreakian in charge and if hes busy then Jack (Khaos) and Henry (TheDeparted).

    1. Few things have been changed, I fixed this uber annoying bug that wasnt allowing people to sign up. Turned out to be the snow I had put in for the Christmad effect Sad

    2. Accounts have been nerfed, so you may or may not be having to find yourself filling a few things in again.

    3. I was threatend to be sued yesturday by the owner of the old Lethal Gaming. He said he didnt like the way we had the name being used etc, and yea. I lol'd, hes some 15 year old kid that is threatening to take me to court LOL, I bummed him out by saying,

    1. These are free forums hosted by another person so therefore, you do not own any copyright material Forumotion does.
    2. I asked him to show me a legal document showing that he had a copyright on the name "Lethal Gaming" again he did not reply.
    3. I'll like to see you get the money to hire a lawyer and take me to court, because serisouly if he had the money to sue me, he would definatly not be using a free forum.
    4. Hes a noob.
    5. So yer, Gaming Action now owns Lethal Gaming.

    Thats about it. Be sure to enter the Christmas Event! and be in the draw to win a VIP account!

    Thats it, enjoy the holidays!

    GameFreakian: I'm also away for a week. I am putting Jack in charge. I will have access to internet while i'm away but i won't be on as much.

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    Re: Update: 21/12/08

    Post by KhaosKnight on Sat Dec 20, 2008 7:56 pm

    LOL at the Lethal Guy!!!

    Yea, thanks Anthony, im here if you need. I really appreciate what you have done in the last week or so. Forums look amazing and are running smootly.


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